I’m a User Experience Designer with 4 years of Usability, User Research, Information Architecture and Interaction Design chops for mobile and the web.
I spend my days obsessively designing for experiences that do more than just work.
I want to make unique and new things, the products that will impact in people’s lives and make them happier!
I will do that with creativity, contribution and hard work.


When I listen to music it feels like im away from the world, in my own world not a care, it makes me feel good, I love music so much ive formed a band, I feel as if it was my purpose to live, as someone said earlier, no music, no life!


With a photo you can capture a moment, and have it forever. I think we take that idea for granted, with photography being so ubiquitous these days. But seriously just take a second to appreciate that. If you did that in Ancient Greece they’d call you a sorcerer. Or a god.


I travel because I want to increase my perspective of the planet. I have learned that perspective is the most important word in travel – traveling has opened my eyes to different cultures, foods, diversity, natural wonders, religion and all the world has to offer, both good and bad.


  • 2013
  • User Experience Designer


    July 2013 - present

    Dramatically reconceptualize diverse imperatives whereas out-of-the-box manufactured products. Dynamically negotiate seamless data via proactive ideas. Globally seize revolutionary imperatives rather than standardized niches.

  • Developer

    V7 Entertainment

    September 2012 - January 2013

    Implemented a new parser and translator to help designers create games with Flash (ActionScript) and run it on X-Box (XBLA).

  • User Interaction Designer & Web Designer

    Simon Fraser University

    May 2012 - June 2013

    Increased user satisfaction and perceived findability of information with redesigned “CPROST” website.

  • Graduate Student

    The Centre for Digital Media

    September 2011 - January 2013

    Worked through the User Experience design, including persona research and usability testing.Worked on various types of projects like iPhone,iPad apps and Gaming prototypes.

  • 2011
  • Undergraduate Student


    June 2006 - August 2011

    Continued my studies in the field of Software Engineering and developed my understanding of object oriented programming as well as web design fundamentals.Worked on several projects as a member of computer science union during 4 years of studying.

  • Freelance Developer

    May 2008 - July 2011

    Worked with several clients during my undergrad studies to improve my design and developing skills.



Vancouver, Canada

Mobile: (1-778) 919 - 0635

Email: malek.pooya@gmail.com